At first glance, you must be thinking, ‘what’s wrong with this ad? Everything seems fine!’. Well, real success lies in the finer details that only people who research, study and implement tend to achieve.

Based on my experience, this ad may attract some enquiries from people who are already familiar with the education provider, they may already be considering an English course with this specific education provider so this ad would act as a reminder. The effectiveness of this ad for that purpose would also be weak.

The recommendations that I will be making do not take into consideration the clout an education provider may already have or how successful they may already be. I’m simply isolating one Facebook ad, highlighting the flaws and making recommendations all based on my experience. This should allow the creator whether it’s the owner, CEO or the marketing team to optimise for a more successful, winning ad that leads to a lot of phone call requests by highly qualified leads.

TARGET MARKET: The intended target market is not very clear. What level of English do they require? The ad is in English, yet the messaging “develop your spoken & written English” leads me to believe that they are beginners. I recommend writing in the intended market’s language. Or make the intended market clearer.

MESSAGE: It’s not powerful enough. They haven’t shown me that they understand me. They haven’t reached into my heart or soul so there is no connection. They are not showing a competitive advantage so as far as I am concerned, there is no difference between this education provider and another English course provider down the road. There is no value add to the consumer and absolutely no reason for me to talk about this to anyone.

IMAGE: It has a good image with a white background. I would recommend a bolder image. Something that interrupts a users normal pattern of scrolling furiously through their news feed.

DISPLAY LINK: The display link is currently To further emphasise the purpose of the ad and to strengthen the call to action, I recommend changing the display URL to

DESTINATION URL: When creating a Facebook ad, you enter the URL of the website you want to send your users to. In this case, the users are sent to the education providers own website and not a page that is specifically created for this ad. I imagine there are other sources sending users to the website which would make it difficult to track the success of each source. I would, therefore, recommend using UTM parameters for Google Analytics. This way, when users click one of the custom links, the unique parameters are sent to your Google Analytics account, so you can identify the URLs that are most effective in attracting users to your website.

CALL TO ACTION: There is a disconnect between ‘Enrol now!’ and ‘Learn More’. ‘Enrol now!’ is a call to action that I would place in a later stage of the buying cycle. ‘Learn more’ on the other hand is more appropriate but the messaging in the ad does not lead to the call to action. It is not enticing enough for me to want to take the next step. There needs to be a hook within the messaging that grabs my attention and makes me feel stupid for, not taking the next step.

LANDING PAGE: Goes straight to a page within their website. I would recommend a landing page without a menu so prospects don’t get distracted and don’t have the option of clicking out of the page. There should be a strong incentive for prospects to give you their details and request a call so you can help solve their problem. This call should be from a trained sales person.

SUMMARY: The purpose of any ad is to get a positive return on your investment or to achieve authority within your industry through awareness. This ad achieves neither and would do little more than burn through your marketing budget.

MY RATING: 15/100

Disclaimer: without seeing the vital numbers, its hard to make a true assessment of the performance. The above is a subjective assessment based on personal experience.


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Chad Yesilova
Chad Yesilova