Raiiden has developed an exciting energy efficiency technology. The Raiiden electromagnetic energy converter (EEC) harnesses the energy generated from magnetic fields. Independent experts have validated that the Raiiden technology can produce a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 1140% which results in effective energy saving of up to 85%.

EEC is much like a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panel converts photons of the visible band of the Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum into electricity (photoelectric effect) with COP >> 1 (efficiency < 1) and a Heat Pump uses a temperature gradient to drive a refrigeration cycle to achieve a heating/cooling effect with COP > 1 (efficiency < 1), the EEC employs mechanical & electrical resonances to convert energy from various bands of the Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum into utilizable electricity with COP > 1 (efficiency < 1). Solar PV & heat pump technologies have substantially impacted global energy industries and it is expected that the EEC will have an analogous impact globally.

The technology is potentially highly disruptive to the global energy industry because the application of Raiiden’s technology can provide major savings to consumers while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Raiiden target date to commence commercialization is Q3 2016 and discussions with potential partners are under way.

Raiiden’s target markets are renewables, in particular, augmentation of existing renewable energy technologies including energy for homes and industry and transportation.

Raiiden has been developing its technology since 2008, with pilot testing and technology validation completed in 2014. Currently proven at 2kW, the 5kW model is on track to be completed during the H2 2015. The 5kW system will be sufficient to power a residential home. Validation of the 5kW model will be conducted at one Singapore leading technology universities and will be tested in an application scenario.

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