In short, I went from zero to a high-flying, young, ego-driven stockbroker to a 6 figure debt carrying busboy – picking up glasses in a nightclub then back to 7 figure business owner.

If you don’t have time to read the full story, in a nutshell, I always knew I would make money.

I somehow found ways to make it happen but my mindset destroyed any progress.

Till I was down and out of luck. And the only person I could depend on was me.

So through self-reflection, ruthless desire to absorb knowledge and relentless action, I, together with my business partner Andrea, helped build our company to a 7 figure company, a 47 people team, 12 offices across 5 countries. We are on track to grow revenues by 300% in the next 12 months, open 10-15 new offices and add 30 new members to the team!

The young, confident businessman, Chad

I always knew I wanted to be the captain of my own ship.

I knew running a successful operation resulted in making money among other things.

I was a young, energetic and adventurous kid with big visions. Thanks to a healthy imagination.

My earliest memory of entrepreneurship was trying to sell paper made from recycled newspaper papier-mâché to neighbors. It failed because I couldn’t get the manufacturing process right and didn’t have a sales focus, should’ve made pre-sales ;c)

Instead, I sold mom’s cakes since age 6 to enjoy the lunch packs sold by the school canteen that everyone else enjoyed. The reality is, my mom’s cooking was about a million times better than the lunch packs. I just had a fear of being the odd one out. This business was a hit! I sold out every time without fail. I was a young boss. Buying my friends the ice pops and nurturing my early tribe.

I moved on from cakes to building and selling computers in high school. I didn’t like asking my parents for money. I saw how hard they were working only to make everything possible for my younger brother and I. So if I wanted something, like the latest 486 PC with a CD burner (showing my age here), I sold, made money and bought what I wanted. Business was second nature. I never saw myself as being inferior and I didn’t fully understand the concept of money, class structure, being poor, being rich. If I saw something I wanted, I never thought “I can’t afford this”, instead, I thought “how can I afford this?”.

This attitude gave me this unrelenting confidence and ego. I simply couldn’t fail.

It wasn’t till I was 18, I realized business was my true passion. All along, I had every intention to study computer science, till about 1 month before a decision needed to be made for university enrollment. This realization led to enrollment in a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University Of New South Wales.

I studied like a champion in high school only to burn myself out in university. Bombed out in 6 out of 8 subjects in the first year. WOW, my parents would’ve been extraordinarily disappointed if they knew. Lucky I had moved out and kept it a secret. I just wanted to finish university as quickly as possible. I was itching to get into the real world. Dedicate 100% of my time to my craft, business.

By chance, in a painting elective (most people chose law or economics, I had a Steve Jobs moment and chose painting), I met a tall attractive girl (purely by chance, I swear, the seat next to her just hadn’t been taken yet). She just so happened to be housemates with a stockbroker. I begged her to introduce me, then offered her $500 to get him to offer me an intern position. It worked out. I made it happen.

My senior advisor in stock broking, Ian, told me to aim to make a million dollars within 3 years. I made it within 4. Thanks to a booming market. But then it all changed…

I was obliterated…

In 2009, I was leveraged like a naive mad man. The unrelenting confidence and ego drove me to insanity as I ignored the experts and warning signs. So when the stock market experienced its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, I lost over a million dollars. Never counted the exact amount as I didn’t want to know. I was shattered. I was now in crippling 6 figure debt. Spending $1,000 a week on lunches and dinners, buying a $15,000 IWC watch, a casual $4,000 Rado watch and a couple of Mont Blanc pens now seemed so distant from the horror I was now living.

I was in a nightclub. The place I once frequented as a client and baller was now my employer, paying me to pick up empty glasses. I barely made ends meet but I knew I needed to act quickly to get out of the rut I was in. So I called a long time friend and knowing what I was capable of, he asked me to come down to Melbourne from Sydney and work on a business together.

This is when my beverage company was born. With the ridiculously limited funds and resources we had, we created Australia’s First Anti-Energy Drink – esc.

Then came the mentors…

The unrelenting confidence and ego started to come back. It simply did not surprise me that I crossed paths with a serial entrepreneur who turned everything he touched into gold. It didn’t surprise me that we also crossed paths with another man who sold his own beverage company over to Coca-Cola. And once again, it didn’t surprise me that we met another man, whose marketing agency worked with the likes of Coca-Cola among other major companies. These guys were heavy hitters. I knew with their guidance I would hit the big time.

We had a plan…

Get the product into as many stores as possible. Get re-orders. Introduce new products. Make millions and win. I was aiming to do this on literally no income while paying for living expenses, making repayments for my 6 figure debt and paying some business expenses because extracting a dollar out of my mentors was like pulling teeth.

I woke up early most days, around 7am. Worked my butt off for the beverage company. Continued learning. Absorbing as much as I can from the mentors. By night I was working on odd jobs to make enough money to cover at least some of the expenses. And by night I had sleepless nights and woke up in cold sweats. Not easy running on empty.

Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face”.  My punch in the face came when we weren’t receiving the reorders we were expecting and other contracts we expected to win for white label water fell through. My motivations behind the company were called into question. I was in the board room with all of my investors including a CEO from a well-known listed company. And BOOM! Just like that, I was kicked out of my own company. My business partner didn’t defend me. In fact, he even refused to acknowledge the 5 figure sum we borrowed from my ex-girlfriend to cover business expenses which obviously pissed me off and resulted in the end of our friendship. The world around me capitulated. What I worked hard for over the past 3.5 years had just gone up in smoke. In fact, shortly after I was kicked out of my own company, ironically, they ended up winding down. My relationships disintegrated. I was on my own.

And all of this resulted in…

There is something comforting about being on your own, alone, broken, helpless, penniless and in the dumps. You don’t have that sense of entitlement anymore. The ego gets completely shattered. If I were so certain about everything, why am I so fucked? You acknowledge that you are in the pits and any action that you take will only result in you going up unless you self-sabotage. You become a lot more receptive to learning. I was self-reflecting a lot. Asking myself a lot of questions and seeking answers in the most unlikely of places such as Hare Krishna temples and kinesiology centers. And you also ruthlessly seek clarity on your path. At least that’s what I did.

I contacted 2 friends of mine who had businesses and offered to help with systemizing their business and assisting with business development for income. One of them happened to be Andrea Palacios of Blue Studies International. After a chat, we decided to set milestones in exchange for up to 50% of the equity. This time, it was not about ego, it was about results. I had zero desires to be in the press like I was in my beverage company, never on stage dishing out advice to other entrepreneurs or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t have business cards. I don’t have a title. I am not the face of the business. I am a nobody until I get results. So, I just kept my head down. Worked harder than I ever worked. Studied every book I felt was necessary to win. And without hesitation signed up to any mentor (even when I had no money) who I felt could enable me to win in my next step & beyond.

In the past year, we have doubled our revenues, grown to a team of 47 and have 12 offices across 5 countries. We are on track to grow revenues by 300% in the next 12 months, open 10-15 new offices and add 30 new members to the team!

My fairytale ending…

Now as I continue to grow my business, my role has changed to teaching my licensees, some of whom have no business backgrounds and English as their 2nd language (I only speak English), to grow their business. Some are achieving up to $30,000 in sales within the first 12 months by applying my strategies and techniques.

The rest is history.