I’ve always loved business, and ever since I was about 17, I’ve had a strong interest in the stock market. During university, I was offered an internship in a stock broking firm. The decision was a swift one. The day I was offered the position, I quit my decent paying job in finance to work for free as an intern in a stock broking firm. I proved myself, it was a performance based role. Wages/salaries didn’t exist, I had to build my own contacts, my own database and rely on my own skills to make this work. There were no handouts. My passion led to a 4-year stint and in this time I created incredible contacts with people who are now my lifelong friends. My dream was always to start my own business, however, I have never ceased my involvement as it is my passion. So what do I do?

Corporate Advisory

Orca Capital corporate advisory business identifies commercial and corporate opportunities, creates synergistic partnerships, and provides both commercial and project funding. New businesses either continue to operate under Orca Capital or are able to seek independent funding. Orca Capital gains through the sale of the business for cash, equity or a combination of these. Joint venture participation is also possible.


Orca Capital origination business identifies prospective businesses across several sectors. After conducting multidisciplinary due diligence and developing suitable business models it identifies and engages suitable project staff with an independent management team to cultivate each business.

Our track record includes:

  • ZIP, raised money at $0.20 and went to a high of $1.43
  • WGL, brokered a transaction, got clients in at $0.01 with an option, and went to $0.07. 1000% return including the option

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