Generating leads is great! A wonderful feeling because it means you have validated your business. However, it doesn’t guarantee that your business is a going concern (accounting term for a business that is operating and making a profit).
Marketing and sales NEVER stop. You need to sell the next step at every stage of the customer journey to give them a seamless experience so they don’t slip out before they become a paying client and even after they become a paying client, you want to ensure they get the maximum experience you can offer so they receive the full benefit of your product.
The importance of sales and marketing is VERY important throughout the customer journey, and more important during the beginning eg when you call a lead to book them in for an appointment.
The difference between using a structured process such as a script and using marketing and sales techniques:
WITH: 95% attendance by leads to appointments
WITHOUT: 5% attendance by leads to appointments
Does your process include:
– provision of value (talk about their outcome, benefits and clearly demonstrate the return on investment)
– urgency
– opportunity to get to know you, like you, trust you – establish yourself as the authority
– a call to action, so they know what the next step is
– mini commitments so they feel more comfortable saying yes to the final call to action
– guiding / leading them and making them feel like they are making the decision – people like buying, they don’t like being sold to
EVERYONE in the company should be learning and be applying a process because it applies to every single role that is client facing.


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Chad Yesilova
Hi! My name is Chad Yesilova. I help successful business owners who are stuck working in their business or not scaling fast enough. I help them create a champion team, align themselves and their team to a common purpose, automate their lead generation, put a solid sales process in place, leverage their business so they make more money, enjoy their work, and have more freedom. I am also the Managing Director and co-owner of Blue Studies International. BSI provides student placement services to enroll in universities, schools, and colleges. In the past year, we have doubled our revenues, grown to a team of 38 and have 12 offices worldwide. We are on track to grow revenues by 300% in the next 12 months, open 10-15 new offices and add 30 new members to the team! Through I share WHAT I do to achieve the results above, WHY I do it and HOW, so you can replicate the same in your own business.
Chad Yesilova
Chad Yesilova