Scarcity is a limiting belief that is disguised as an admirable trait among entrepreneurs. I often hear people refer to titans such as Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn among others when justifying their frugality. However, these titans have developed abundance in their life by attracting the right people and resources to get to where they are now.

The Law of Attraction states that you get or become what you think about – most of the time. So whether you are aware or not that what you think of most of the time is your financial scarcity, it all boils down to one thing: you attract financial scarcity by thinking of it most of the time.

The Law of Attraction is Always at Work.

Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are very powerful. Whatever we focus our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on, we attract into our reality. The Law of Attraction is at work as often as gravity does. It is a law, so it must happen.

All the time you were thinking and worrying about not having enough money, not being able to buy what you want, or getting somewhere you want to have fun and relax in, you are attracting exactly what you were thinking.

And you can’t expect to attract the right people and resources if you spend all your time focusing on you and not on the value you provide to others.

The mental shift happened for me a few years ago, when I was in 6 figure debt with little to no income. I had a business and a strong determination to succeed. I needed to be around the right people and right resources to get to where I wanted to be. Scarcity would tell me that I didn’t have the money to join the necessary education program to get access to exactly what I needed at that moment in time. But I made the decision to proceed and somehow came up with the money (not cheap…. $2,000 per month). That was the turning point in my life…


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Chad Yesilova
Hi! My name is Chad Yesilova. I help successful business owners who are stuck working in their business or not scaling fast enough. I help them create a champion team, align themselves and their team to a common purpose, automate their lead generation, put a solid sales process in place, leverage their business so they make more money, enjoy their work, and have more freedom. I am also the Managing Director and co-owner of Blue Studies International. BSI provides student placement services to enroll in universities, schools, and colleges. In the past year, we have doubled our revenues, grown to a team of 38 and have 12 offices worldwide. We are on track to grow revenues by 300% in the next 12 months, open 10-15 new offices and add 30 new members to the team! Through I share WHAT I do to achieve the results above, WHY I do it and HOW, so you can replicate the same in your own business.
Chad Yesilova
Chad Yesilova