The Champion Filter Template

32 interview questions you can use to separate the wheat from the chaff and only hire champions that will enable you to break free from the daily grind and scale to a million dollars!

These are the EXACT 32 interview questions I used to hire high-performing champion employees to free up my time to open 12 new offices. They are also the 32 questions my licensees now use to generate up to $30,000 in monthly sales after only 12 months in business!
So where should I send the Chamion Filter Template to?

In this free 14 page template, I'll show you...
  •  My exact Champion Filter questions that enable you to confidently separate the wheat from the chaff when hiring. This way you don't waste valuable time and money on dud hires.

  •  32 questions you must ask to know if the candidate is a good fit for your business or not, and how to get the candidate to open up and sell themselves to you rather than the other way around.

  •  A fillable form ready for you to insert your company name and logo so you can have a professional looking hiring process that you can print and use immediately.

  •  Pages 12 & 13 reveal my reference check questions that will give you added confidence to your decision making process. 

  •  and so much more...

Hi! My name is Chad Yesilova

I help successful service business owners who are stuck working in their business or not scaling fast enough. I help them create a champion team, align themselves and their team to a common purpose, automate their lead generation, put a solid sales process in place, leverage their business so they make more money, enjoy their work, and have more freedom. 

This short template will show you how...

Hire champions with more ease...
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