art of learningThere are a few defining moments in life. And learning to learn was one of them for me….

This may sound strange, considering you spend the majority of your youth at school… And more often than not, you come out the other end feeling clueless… That’s another story.

I’m talking about actually learning, being pragmatic and applying what you learn, checking the results, making tweaks and reaching your goal. Independently…

The last word is important – independently. This post is about learning and being self-reliant; being able to oversee others’ work (when you delegate or outsource) and understand what’s achieved and how to get there in order to predictably achieve the same result. Not being lazy and dependent on others to accomplish things for you and not understanding what you’ve achieved or how you got there.

I’m talking about executing, getting shit done and being accountable for yourself.

That moment happened sometime in 2010. I had my beverage company. I had an investor on board – a prominent businessman, who spent very little time with us and in that little time he spent with us, he was only interested in knowing about our sales, the rest were details he wasn’t interested in, at all.

We had a monthly meeting, and each month without sales created an awkward situation that my business partner and I wanted to avoid at all cost. Why? We felt stupid giving him excuses as he said on many occasions that a business without sales is a hobby. And I hated hearing that we were “wet behind the ears”.

I was relying on contacts to create and update our WordPress website. As we were running on a very tight budget, we arranged a deal where we didn’t pay them any money. So understandably, we were not high on their priority list. So a small change would take anywhere from 3 days to a week. One week was a long wait, especially if we weren’t receiving sales in that time.

So, I took it upon myself to learn. I needed to make this change in the site to get the sales, and avoid another meeting with no sales. The meetings had grown more intense over time and I was so nervous I was suffering from panic attacks.

Just a quick background, I was allergic to technology, it would frustrate me and I would immediately switch off if it required any more thought than pressing an on or off button.

On this particular occasion, I had no choice, we had already lost a month because of this issue going back and forth with the web developers. I was in a room alone, sitting on my couch. A tantrum was going to get me nowhere. My business partner wasn’t ready to hear my shit, he was frustrated as well and he was expecting me to deliver. And I had no friends I could call on at the time. What did I do? I focused, I researched, checked Google, YouTube and some random websites. Fear of making mistakes did not cross my mind nor did it bother me when I made them. Achieving the goal was the only thing I was focused on. To my surprise, I got it done within one hour. The limiting belief was all in my head. I had convinced myself I could never understand technology but when I was pushed to a breaking point, I made it happen.

The feeling of achievement was so great that I felt I could honestly learn anything I set my mind to. Resources are abundant, these days you could learn to do anything with a laptop and an internet connection. Now there is no excuse in identifying your craft, honing in on your craft and sharpening your craft.

Now, I love learning. Absolutely love it. I’ve used this technique to sharpen my marketing skills, knowledge on entrepreneurship, learn more about my industry, create my own website, learn and implement the latest technology in my business, learn a language – Spanish and most importantly, learn to cook! Upgraded from Mi Goreng noodles to a variety of delicious meals. Not kidding ;c)

What’s next? Optimal performance. Just bought the book below, continuing to sharpen my learning skills so I can absorb more and achieve more to enjoy greater success and fulfillment in life.

Are you being held back because you believe you are not capable of learning something new? Perhaps it’s marketing or technology. Why not take 1-3 hours out of your day and challenge yourself. Cook something if you believe you are a bad cook (a spaghetti bolognese or create your own website under your own domain name. Doesn’t matter what it is, but the end result has to be visible. Would love to know how you go, comment below!


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Chad Yesilova
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Chad Yesilova
Chad Yesilova