Firstly, you walk into a great big hall that is divided up into different sections. The guys at the front paid $10k (yep…), then there was $5k, $3k and $1.5k. As it was a spur of the moment decision, I purchased the $1.5k for myself and my business partner – Andrea. As people scrambled around to get the “best seat” in their section, I looked around the room, It was huge. But as for the people, nothing too different or noticeable at first. A bunch of entrepreneurs and/or sales people. I realized I was feeling pumped, my heart was racing, I didn’t know what to expect, I was slightly anxious but there was an incredible level of energy in the entire place.

Then the intro to the event started playing, it was explosive, like a Hollywood movie. I laughed at first, then I looked around me and I was consumed by the energy. These guys weren’t laughing, they were serious about change. Being overly excited or energetic was normal in this place. I never strived to be normal. I always wanted to be more. And, suddenly I felt myself in competition with those around me. And these guys were 10X’ers, you could see the desire to change in their eyes and actions. So I started fist pumping and shaking hands of those around me.

Hard to believe that Grant Cardone’s team put their first ever event up within 3 months. Charged a ridiculous amount for the tickets and sold out in advance. You learn so much from the content that is taught but you learn a lot more by watching the behavior and reading in-between the lines. I got $1.5k worth of value within the first day. The rest was a bonus.

My biggest overall takeaway – THINK BIG & GET NOTICED.

It was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. I’ve implemented a lot since. The event was on March 17th, 18th and 19th. It’s now 27th April. Between then and now, as a result of thinking big, we have opened a new office that will be company owned (our 12th office). Hired 2 new staff for this office. We will be creating a documentary of the opening of this office and the achieving of company targets. This will be a marketing tool to attract new licensees and a pump-up tool for current licensees. We will be transparent af about everything we do so they can all learn from it. I launched my own new sales program to assist my licensees and other service business owners with their sales – (hurry this is actually free till spots fill up or till end of May, whichever comes first). All while living and working remotely. Oh, and the company sales are at records. Pretty boss eh?

My key 🔑  takeaways from Day 1 of 10X Growth Con –

My key 🔑  takeaways from Day 2 of 10X Growth Con –

My key 🔑  takeaways from Day 3 of 10X Growth Con –

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